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When you are a student, traveling can provide numerous learning opportunities. Traveling gives you a whole new view of the world. You can also form friendships that will last a lifetime while traveling. However, traveling as a student also has specific challenges. You want your travel plans to run smoothly, so follow these practical tips to make sure your trip is a success.

Make sure you have the necessary travel documents

Each country has specific travel requirements. You will need a valid passport to travel to most areas of the world. Receiving your passport can take months, so be sure to start the process far in advance. Your destination might also require you to provide an international health certificate, immunization records, tourist visa or other identification documents. If you plan to drive in another country, you will need an international driver’s license. Your school will likely provide educational certification documents if you are traveling through your school’s travel program. It is smart to make copies of all your travel documents and give them to a friend in case of an emergency.

Research the customs and requirements of your destination

You want to show respect for the culture of the country you are visiting. Some countries require modest dress due to religious requirements. Knowing the dress requirements allows you to pack appropriate attire. You should also make an effort to have a basic understanding of that country’s language. Natives appreciate when tourists make an effort to use their local language.

Book your flights and accommodations in advance

You can normally find the best travel deals by booking as far in advance as possible. It is challenging, but not impossible, to find cheap flights for international travel. You can increase your chances of snagging cheap airfares by having flexible travel dates. It is both smart and safe to book your accommodations in advance, whether you plan on staying in hostels or hotels. This ensures you will have a safe place to sleep at night while traveling.

Learn travel safety principles

Traveling can be dangerous. Many criminals know how to identify and prey on tourists. To protect yourself, take a travel safety class or study travel safety books. There are books that specifically explain how to reduce your risk as a student traveler. Once you have learned the principles of travel safety, be sure to implement them during your trip.

Pack carefully

Packing carefully will help you enjoy your trip. It is no fun to drag around a luggage stuffed full of more clothes than you could possibly wear. Stick with the essentials and pack clothes, shoes and a jacket. Also include your toiletries, camera, identification and travel documents. Don’t forget your spending money, traveler’s checks and credit card.

Keep in contact with your loved ones

Don’t forget to regularly connect with your loved ones while traveling abroad. Thanks to cell phones, texts and e-mail, it is easier than ever to stay in contact, even from across the globe. Check with your cell phone provider to see if your cell phone will work at your destination. If it will not, consider purchasing international calling cards. Make a plan to contact your loved ones at least once a week. This will allow them to contact the authorities if an emergency occurs and they do not hear from you.

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