Practical Tips When Travelling with Pets

When you start planing your long awaited holiday, as an owner of a furry roommate you always think about whether or not to take your friend with you. In case you can’t find someone to take care of your pet while you are away, it is necessary to take them along for the journey. It can add a lot of fun to the traveling experience but you must keep in mind that changing location can be very stressful for an animal. Here are some practical tips when travelling with pets so you can ensure health, safety and happiness of that beloved family member.

Veterinary Visit

Humans aren’t the only ones to experience stress when traveling – pets do as well. It is essential that you bring your furry friend to a veterinarian to ensure that they are healthy enough to travel. That way you can also get a referral to visit a good veterinarian in the location where you will be having your holiday, just in case something goes wrong.

At that same appointment, you are recommended to ask about vaccinations that are required. For example, if the pet should be given a sedative for the trip – usually when traveling by airplane, and what regulations should you follow for traveling with a pet.

If you are traveling by airplane, you will need a certificate of health that is dated no longer than ten days prior to the flight. However, each state, region, and country has its own regulations. Be aware of any extra documents that you might need. You can call the embassy in your holiday destination to find this information or check their website. There may be periods of quarantine for a pet – some of them can be longer than actual vacations. Be fully knowledgeable about these rules.

Identification Tags

Make sure that you have a proper identification tag on your pet’s collar that includes your name and phone number. Bring along the documents that relate to the pet to prove that it is indeed yours. Also have some photos with you in case it gets lost.

Plane Flights

Contact the airline on time to let them know that you are bringing a pet. You may have to make reservations for the animal and pay a fee for it. Know the dimensions of the pet carrier when you call. Normally these pets have to be at least two months old before they are allowed to fly. Have the date of birth on the documents and let the officials know how old the dog is when asked.

In terms of being prepared for the plane flight, bring everything that you need based on where the dog will be during the flight. Have bags and paper towels and paper towels placed in the carrier. In the case that you have the pet with you in the seat, inform other passengers that are sitting close to you as they may have allergies. In such case they may want to switch seats with someone. That is why it is important to inform them on time.

Travel Kennel

If your pet hasn’t traveled in the kennel before, you are advised to introduce your furry friend to it at least few days before leaving. This will reduce the level of anxiety that they may feel while on the trip. Label the kennel with a notice ‘Live Animal’ so that others know what is in it.


Check with the hotel or other accommodations to make sure that they allow pets. Ask what facilities are available for the animal in the room and otherwise. Have enough plastic bags with the scooper to keep the animal’s bathroom areas clean.

This was a Guest Post by Brenda Panin. She is a contributor to several blogs and she loves to write about traveling and ecology. She is currently a web content writer for Noosa holiday packages.

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