Important Cruise Advice First-Time Cruisers Want To Know


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  1. Great list of tips here!
    Also to add…if cruisers are looking to do a Shore Excursion while in various ports, review websites (e.g. are invaluable for sourcing *current* information. Many of the operators listed on such sites can be contacted directly, and you will then be able to get a “feel” from the operator through your correspondences. Cruise boat ‘savvy’ tour operators [should] have adequate information on their website, present you with their return-time policy/guarantee, explain any extra costs (e.g. is lunch included?), [and if food IS included, what is their hygiene standard like!?], there may also be discounts for group bookings or even cash payment.
    Look at how many *unique experiences* you will get from your tour, rather than the price of your excursion, as prices of Shore Excursions DO vary…

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