Five Destinations for Autumn Sun

Five Destinations for Autumn Sun, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Autumn holiday destinationFor couples and families with small children, holidaying in autumn is one of the best options for a cheap holiday. As we move out of the peak summer season and the school term begins, the prices will drop meaning there are many great holiday deals to be found. While the prices drop, in many destinations the temperatures won’t. Here are five of our favourites.


The Canary Islands are wonderfully situated of the North East coast of Africa and so have a stunning climate all year round. Average temperatures across the region in autumn are just below 30°C, making it perfect for soaking up the sun and swimming in the ocean. All of the Canary Islands enjoy this climate, but we feel Fuerteventura is the pick for this time of year. With over 150 beaches on the island, what better way to enjoy the weather and the quieter crowds?


Sharm-el-Sheikh is the premier beach resort in Egypt and caters for tourists at any time of the year. Often in the mid-summer months the temperatures in this North African country can become stifling, but during autumn they drop off slightly and a cool ocean breeze makes staying in Sharm the most pleasant of experiences. If you’re a keen diver or want to experience it for the first time, Sharm is one of the best locations for diving anywhere in the world.


Autumn days spent on the beaches in the Spanish region of Andalucía where the temperatures occasionally hit the low 30s and the crowds are gone are some of the most memorable, but it’s up in the hills where the real benefit of visiting in autumn can be felt. With the temperatures more bearable in the hills, this is the perfect time for trekking to sights such as the Sierra de Aracena national park, just north of Seville.


The southerly position of Cyprus means a long, hot autumn will be enjoyed on its shores, where temperatures will be well into the 30s. Some of the resorts found on the island are amongst the most beautiful in the Med, but it’s in rural areas where much of the charm can be felt. Here you’ll see more and more village houses converted into cottages and inns which are perfect for exploring on cooler autumn days.

Southern Turkey

The Lycian coast of Southern Turkey is home to many quaint fishing villages, where you’ll be able to enjoy a little peace and tranquillity. The crowds of tourists will have gone and all that will be left is the sublime beauty of this breathtaking country. Temperatures will be in the high 20s making it the perfect time to make the trip.

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