Christmas Abroad: Where to spend Christmas

Christmas abroadChristmas is a wonderful time of year to get the family together and spend some quality time, but can’t you do that the other 364 days? Why not make Christmas unforgettable and spend this magical season discovering the rest of the world? There are so many places to visit, with many countries celebrating the festive period in their own different ways. If this sounds interesting to you, carry on reading, we have found some enticing places to spend Christmas. Here are our top five:

5. Paris

This could be the ideal location for a couple searching for some romance. From the Eiffel Tower to Versailles Palace, there are some wonderful sights to behold. There are also Christmas lights galore over the festive season. Trees that line the streets are adorned by mesmerising lights, a decorative Christmas tree is erected in the square by Notre Dame and the Galeries Lafayette becomes a wondrous sight to see over Christmas.

4. Lapland

One of the most magical places to be during the Christmas holiday has to be Lapland. There is so much to do and see. To name, but a few; there are three Santa bases, sleigh rides by reindeer, elf workshops, Santa’s underground cave and skiing trips. This is one place that you have to explore over this festive period. Just imagine all the stories you’ll have to tell when you get back.

3. Australia

Never a white Christmas, instead Australia celebrates this joyous season in the heat of summer. Forget snow, wrapping up warm and spending time near a roaring fire. In fact, forget about gorging on a turkey roast. As Australians celebrate Christmas in the summer, many flock to the beach or park to kick-start a barbeque or present family and friends with a cold meat and seafood platter. One tradition that is a must see when in Australia for Christmas is the Carols by Candlelight concert. Every Christmas Eve families go to Melbourne to sit on a blanket, light candles and sing carols. This concert can be watched across the country and many other cities and towns also host their own Carols by Candlelight concert.

2. India

With India housing a population of 25 million people who share many religions, Christmas celebrations
are mixed. India could be the perfect destination for you if you’re looking to discover a Christmas that is filled with exciting and unique festivities. Head to Mumbai and you’ll see nativity scene displayed in home windows. Take a trip to the southwest coast and enjoy a relaxing holiday or travel to other states and join in with some traditional carols. Visit some southern villages and you may find homes with lamps on their roofs – this is a tradition that symbolises the eternal light of their spirituality.

1. New York

If you’re searching for a winter wonderland we advise that you head to New York City. In the heart of Manhattan you’ll be graced with spectacular Christmas window displays, extravagant Christmas trees, wondrous ice rinks and one heck of a shopping experience. Travel up the Empire State Building and grab a bird’s eye view of this glorious city, visit the Rockefeller Centre ice rink or take in the sights of New York City with every step you take. There is so much to do and see in NYC.
Christmas Abroad: Where to spend Christmas 2012 has been written by UK based fancy dress retailer, AFD.

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