Best Places For Mountain Camping

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Mountain camping is invigorating and life affirming, and definitely one to be experienced by outdoor enthusiasts. Combining the best of camping with more adventurous locations, mountain climbing gives you the freedom to simply go and explore the beautiful scenery of Europe – and here are some of the highlights of mountain campsites of Europe.

Le Grand Champ, France

With mountains on all side, this campsite has to be seen to be believed. Set in the foothills of the Mont Blanc mountain range, the Le Grand Champ is 1,000 metres high and offers stunning views once you get to the site. Often the mountains are snow-capped and just perfect for snapping with your camera. There is even a rudimentary hut at this mountain campsite for when the weather truly turns against you, and the reception sells some basics.

As well as breathing in the fresh mountain air and staring in amazement at the view, there are activities to enjoy nearby too including cycling and swimming.

Fernsteinsee, Austria

This campsite is pretty lavish by normal standards and will appeal to the less hardy camper too. And with castle, lakes and mountains to look at, who wouldn’t want to stay here? Granted, the castle is now a four-star hotel, which is why the amenities are superior, but the views of the Tyrolean Alps are breathtaking.

During your stay here, you can enjoy the hotel facilities including shop, bar, sauna and restaurant – making returning to your mountain tents with bellies full of four-course gourmet meals that bit more pleasant!

Lo Stambecco, Italy

Situated in the village of Valnotey, when you’re curled up at night here in your mountain tents it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. However, a short stroll away is the Alpine village of Cogne with places to explore – and the campsite even sells walking maps to help you on your endeavour.

Lagos de Somiedo, Spain

A true wilderness, this mountain campsite in northern Spain is really for the hardened camper, being tough to reach with lots of twisty roads to climb. Especially pleasant in summer months, you can escape the modern world in the village of Lago with cowbells ringing and even the odd bear of wolf to be seen – well, we did say this was one for the hardcore traveller!

Petit Praz, Switzerland

With cleansing, fresh air this site claims to be the highest campsite in Europe, at almost 2,000 feet high. Stunning views abound, and if you have the energy after your climb up there are some easier walks to do from here to see more of the beautiful surrounds.

Llwyn Celyn Bach, Wales

Located at the foot of Snowdon and just outside Snowdonia National Park, this campsite offers wonderful views of the mountain range at 600 feet up. The campsite is part of a working farm and home to some Welsh Mountain sheep among others. The village of Llanberis is only a short walk away, although it involves a steep walk back, to enjoy a drink and meal in one of the pubs or eateries.

Before you set off on your trip, though, make sure you have all the equipment you need to stay safe. Naturally, as you’re staying on a mountain, you’ll need to take with you mountain tents which are stable, secure and spacious. In addition, you’ll need the right type of sleeping bags, clothes and essentials including water purifying tablets and torch. Once you’re ready to go, you can simply decide which mountain campsite to visit next.

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