Backpacking In 2013 – Where To Go?

Going on a backpacking holiday can be a great way to see the world; no matter whether you just want to visit a few countries, or if you have more ambitious plans to see as many places as possible in the space of a year, backpacking can allow you to immerse yourself in new cultures, while meeting a range of people. Cost effective accommodation and transportation can be found across different regions, from hostel networks to Inter-Rail passes for discounted train travel around the world. What, then, are some of the best places to stop off in during a backpacking journey in 2013?


Traditional backpacking favourites within Asia include Nepal, where you can start off from Kathmandu, and head out into the valleys and the mountains of the Himalayas. Other popular destinations include Thailand, where the low cost of day to day living means that you can see the most of this diverse country over the course of a few weeks. Similar cost savings can be made by visiting the Sumatran Islands of Indonesia for jungle and wildlife treks, while Cambodia is ideal if you want to explore the ruins of Angkor Wat.

South America

Journeys through South America can allow you to appreciate the diversity of people and climate on the continent, from the quieter regions and beaches of Peru, through to the mega cities of Brazil and Argentina; popular, and more remote places include Ushuala in Argentina, while guided treks can be made through parts of the Amazon. Key sights to take in also include the Iguazu Falls on the border with Argentina and Brazil.

India and Sri Lanka

While the sheer scale of India can be daunting for first time back packers, breaking down trips and appreciating the cheap forms of transport around the country can make it worthwhile. Key places to visit include the holy city of Varanasi, the beaches of Palolem, and the Rajastan region via Darjeleling. You can also head out to Goa to take in the area’s long association with backpacking, while exploring the jungles of Sri Lanka.


It’s possible to see most of Europe by train and bus, with Inter Rail passes being particularly recommended for getting around the continent without spending a fortune. Most backpackers opt to take in key cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and London – to really take advantage of a European trip, though, it’s worth heading East to cities like Prague and countries like Croatia and Turkey to take advantage of even cheaper transport and accommodation.


As with India, Africa’s scale makes it a difficult challenge for any backpacker that wants to cross from the North to the South of the continent. More practical options for an African journey include exploring the diversity of South Africa, which can be easily navigated by rental car or by buses. Many backpackers also head from Spain to North Africa and Morocco, home to Marrakech’s souks and traveller friendly markets and restaurants. Other destinations from Ghana to Kenya, can be very economical, but require some research in advance into being able to find the best routes and safe accommodation options for an extended trip.

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