Mobile World Congress

Nowadays we live in a world of technology and it is impossible to imagine life without mobile devices. Mobile technology is everywhere in everyday life and cover more and more fields. World Mobile Congress is and exhibition where new technological solutions, ideas and plans will be performed and also will show what to expect in the future. Mobile Congress is the biggest and most important event in technology industry.

Exhibition will take place in Barcelona, which was selected a Mobile World Capital from 2012 to 2018, from 27th of February till 1st of March, there are going to be many discussions, technology exhibition with over 1400 exhibitors, venues for industry opportunities and deals, the Centre of the Mobile Apps Universe, Global Mobile Awards program where the best innovations will be announced and mPowered Brand, which is a new program for technology agencies.

There will be large number of attendance from more than 200 countries all around the world who brought their products and ideas. There are expecting more than 60000 visitors, 2900 press members who represent more than 1500 media sources and more than 12000 Mobile application Developers. Taking it into account, Mobile World Congress can be called a global event.

Conference Program is a central part of the Congress, this year the main topic would be redefining communication. Furthermore, there will be more than 30 conferences focused on a latest technological trends and future opportunities. During each session there will be experts and performers from top companies. Visiting GSMA seminars is a nice opportunity to hear industry experts about such topics as “Mobile Spam: Eroding Consumer Trust”, “Mobile Marketing: The Power of Demographics”, “Mobile Ecosystem” and many others.

App Planet is mobile exhibition including features, operators, equipment from companies all over the world. Top Phone companies are taking part in App Planet such as BlackBerry, IMGA, Nokia, Samsung and WIP. Moreover, there will be a comparison made between companies according to different criteria’s in order to make a competition and to develop in the future.
mPowered Brands is a new program where companies and agencies present their brand structure and solutions for design in order to bring new customers. They also share their services and plans in order to exchange and educate.

Taking everything into account, Mobile World Congress is a very good possibility to see new technologies and to share the information, get new education and ideas and also opportunities, attend seminars and hear hoe leader companies structure their work.
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