The oddities you can see while traveling to Russia

For many people, Russia is more like a wonder territory packed with candy-like architecture. The country is one of the most beautiful in the world to explore. The customs and traditions, the people, and ultimately the places of interest will most likely leave tourists speechless. With over 146 million people and a colossal size (it spans 9 time zones), the Russian territory is filled with off-the-beat attractions and cultural oddities you never thought existed.


Whenever they hear about Russia, many people think of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, vodka and communism. But there’s more to this amazing territory than meets the eye. Here are some amazing oddities you should explore while here.

Lake Baskunchak

Lake Baskunchak (Dog’s Head) is the Russian version of the famous Dead Sea. It is positioned close to Astrakhan City and it is formed in a large depression, on top of a mountain made of salt. The name of the lake is linked to an old legend. Centuries ago a couple of merchants got lost in the area; they had a dog that spotted the lake and started drinking from it. But he died because the water was too salty. The concentration is close to 90% and the reserves are abundant. Travelers will have the chance to admire superb sceneries, as well as multiple springs rising above the surface.


Arkaim Ruins

Located in Siberia, Arkaim is Russia’s version of Stonehenge. Experts still argue whether the ruins were once an observatory or a town. Nevertheless, the place is definitely worth a visit. Arkaim has a circular shape and it is positioned toward the stars; archeologists claim that the ancient town is 1,000 years older than Troy. The ruins led to the materialization of many legends. One story in particular, mentions that people in the area can get their youth back by bathing in the Karaganka River, which is right close to Arkaim. Many still believe it has mystic powers.

The Pyramids

Yes, Russia has pyramids! They’re located near the acclaimed Lake Baikal and they span 333 meters. The wall of pyramids and cones stretch along Cape Rytny, and thus far nobody knows for sure who and how they were built. To reach the site travelers need a lot of courage, and that’s because the locals are not very fond of foreigners. Some of them believe that outsiders may steal the sacred power of the place.

Permafrost Museum

The only permafrost museum in the world is located in the Krasnoyarsk Region in Russia. Its location is close to a frost-effects laboratory and the museum’s main attractions are the underground premises, including the corridors and the halls. These are positioned at a depth of 14 meters, where the constant temperature is -50C. The underground corridors have walls decorated with all-natural items including an icy larch that’s about 36,000 old. One of the walls has a capsule of newspapers created in 1950, and that will be opened in 2045.


Stalin’s Bunker

Stalin’s Bunker is a relatively new discovery. Its existence was kept hidden for 50 years. The ditch is 37 m deep and it as a height of a 12 story edifice, which is pretty amazing. According to experts in the domain, the place is a lot safer than Hitler’s bunker (Berlin), which was only 12 m deep. Built extremely fast (in 9 months) Stalin’s bunker is fully equipped with a power plant and an automatic air-regeneration system. The structure has underground elevators, and on the mezzanine there’s a recreation room and a 115-seat hall. If Russia’s historical past intrigues you, visiting the bunker will be a unique experience.

Tsoi-Pede Netropolis

The Tsoi-Pede necropolis is a Russian alternative to the City of Dead. It is positioned in Chechnya and it comprises a watchtower, 40 crypts and a wall. The place is truly incredible especially because it has the most amazing past. Legend says that there once was an awful epidemic and that the victims were too many to be buried; a town was built for those expecting to die. Nowadays, the necropolis still has two pagan altar pillars and various crosses and protective symbols. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re fascinated by Russia’s tumultuous cultural background.

Russia has the most diverse cultural attractions. Whether we’re talking about its candy-like architecture or about its unusual towns and villages, there’s no doubt that you’ll love it.
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