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What to pack on Safari?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed & Pinterest. Thanks for visiting!If you have never been on safari before and your name is no Bear Grills or Ray...

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A guide to the Voyager Of The Seas

The Voyager Of The Seas is the lead ship of the class of Royal Caribbean vessels that carries its name and it is the setting for thousands of amazing holiday adventures on an annual...

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A Family Travel Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is a fantastic city for family holidays, and if you visit the city during your time in California there are a number of things that you may want to see and do....

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Travel Tip – How to travel safe in Italy

Who had never thought or dreamed about having a nice vacation in Italy? Visiting its beautiful cities and getting immersed in its culture and spectacular food! Well, I am Italian, so I might be...

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5 Phuket Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Phuket, Thailand is one of the world’s leading holiday destinations, and rightly so. From the friendly locals and relaxed atmosphere to the breathtaking coastline and non-stop entertainment, Phuket has something for everyone. But perhaps...

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The Magic of Sydney

Sydney, Australia is a contemporary and dynamic city. The city is blessed with striking harbor, natural splendor and a well planned infrastructure making it easy to get around using public transportation. Everything in Sydney...

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Visit Playa Del Ingles In Gran Canaria

Playa Del Ingles translates to the ‘Englishman’s beach’. It is one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the Canary Islands region; in fact it registers the highest number of tourists in Gran Canaria...

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