Travel with Kids: How to Keep Costs Down

Travel with Kids: How to Keep Costs Down, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Travel with Kids: How to Keep the Cost Down

Family holidays are experiences your children will remember for the rest of their lives, and they are a chance for the whole family to get out and explore the world together and getting to know each other all over again. However, these bonding experiences don’t come cheap, but you also don’t want money to stand in the way of your family time, so consider these tips to keep the cost of travelling with kids down, the next time your family holiday rolls around.

1 – Take fewer kids

This may sound like a crass solution, however if you have a lot of children, and several of them are still very young, there is little point carting these younger children around on a family holiday that they won’t remember. In this way, you only pay for the accommodation, travel and experiences of the children who will get the most out of the holiday, and who will remember it. Plus, you have the chance to develop unique relationships with each of your children, rather than trying to bond with them as a big group.

2 – Choose accommodation with a kitchen

You may think that the weekly trip the grocery store is a big investment for your family, well feeding your kids while on holiday can almost require a small loan. Your kids may always seem to have so much energy, but that is because they are always eating, and when you’re travelling their appetite doesn’t abate.

Instead, there are new experiences, new foods and new places to eat your way through, and you’ll quickly eat your way through your entire holiday budget without some planning. Therefore, when you are booking your accommodation, look for somewhere that has its own kitchen. This will allow you to make breakfast, prepare lunches and snacks, and even make simple meals a few nights during your holiday so that you don’t have to eat out all the time.

3 – Make the journey part of the holiday

Some of the best holiday destinations are a plane ride or two away, but there are some equally interesting destinations out on the road in your backyard too. Therefore, rather than setting a bad tone for the holiday with a long plane flight, plan short stints on the road, plus you’re unlikely to spend as much on fuel as you would on airline tickets for your whole family.

For example, you can plan a road trip so you can stop every few hours and see an attract, stop and play while you have lunch, and stop and stay at the next town you reach. Or even consider a family cruise, where your kids can explore the boat, the pool, play games and make new friends, and you can even find affordable family travel packages.

4 – Keep your money for the experiences

When you look at taking your entire family on holiday, consider whether it is worth the fuel or the air fare to travel so far – is there something similar you could do closer to home? While your kids will remember how they got to their holiday destination, and what the beds were like at the motel, try and save most of your holiday budget for the actual holiday experiences, for example, keep your costs low on basic accommodation, because after all, you are only going to be eating and sleeping there.

5 – Travel outside of school holidays

School holidays are a peak travel time, and this means that the flights, accommodation, food and tours will all be more expensive. Therefore, when travelling with your kids, take them out of school at another time of the year for a holiday. Perhaps coincide the trip with other public holidays so they don’t miss too much school, or look at travelling interstate where the school holiday dates are different.

Travelling with your kids may seem like an expensive and tiring exercise, however, if you do some careful planning before you set off you can create a fun and affordable experience for the whole family.

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