The Best Shoes for Travelling to Europe in the Fall/Winter

The Best Shoes for Travelling to Europe in the Fall/Winter, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Packing for a trip can be a very daunting and stressful task. What size suitcase do I bring? What is the weather going to be like? Which shoes should I pack? All of these questions pass through our minds while we are preparing to leave town. Well, if you are travelling to Europe in the Fall/Winter season then look no further for your go-to shoe guide!

Shoes are the most space-consuming things we bring with us, and with more than half of men and women packing more footwear than needed, we could use a little help! Here are a few tips on what shoes to bring to Europe with you so you can save space and avoid over packing:

1. Comfortable flats

Make sure you bring a pair of flats that you can walk around in for a long period of time. Europe is not like America where everyone lives in casual gym clothes, it is frowned upon to see the sights in your Nike running shoes. You will always need these when visiting any church or government building as they all have dress codes. Sometimes women can get away with sandals on but just to be on the safe side you should always wear close-toed shoes. Toms are a popular flat shoe since they aren’t too casual and have arch support built in, but any plain-colored flat would do! These are small and will fit perfectly in the outside pocket of your suitcase to save space and keep the rest of your clothes clean.

2. Riding boots

Boots are a key accessory when traveling to Europe in the Winter Season. Pretty much every European and their mom will be trekking about in a pair of uber fashionable boots, so if you can’t beat them, join them! Riding boots are this season’s trendy must-have and with a promo code at you’ll never pay full price for fashionable shoes. Just make sure that you invest in a pair of riding boots that can withstand ugly weather. Northern Europe is definitely known for their long rainy days so if this is where you are venturing off to; make sure you have the right kind of boots. To save space, wear them every time you are traveling from place to place so you never have to pack them. With comfortable, warm and rain-friendly boots your feet will be happy to take you from country to country!

3. Wedges

If you are vacationing to Europe to experience the fancy nightlife side, then you will probably need a dressier pair of shoes to wear out. Although heels are not space savers, there are a couple types that are better to bring than others. Most of the cities in Europe are paved with cobble stone streets. These are beautiful and a photographer’s best friend, but stilettos + cobble stones = at least one broken ankle. With that said, if you are set on wearing high shoes you better make them wedges. With a flatter bottom and more stability from a wedge, you will be able to run after that cab (or from the creepy Spanish guy) much safer. If you don’t need to wear high heels out then a fancier pair of flats or sandals will do. These are also smaller and allow more room for that new coat you’ve been dying to wear out!

With these three shoes all you adventurous fashionistas should be covered for your Eurotrip! Now if you were REALLY a good packer, you would be able to find a shoe that worked for all three of these. Ok, ok let’s not get crazy, happy shoe shopping!

Please share your suggestions on what kind of shoes to wear on European trip using comment box.

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