Seeing Nature this Holiday Season

Whilst many people enjoy the hustle and bustle of human culture and many of us long most to see the wonders of man’s (and woman’s) creations many of us prefer to spend our holidays in the wild – seeing the natural wonders of the birds the bees and more excitingly the lions, tigers and monkeys.

With that idea in mind we decided to take a quick look at the 5 best destinations to go if you want to take a walk on the wild side. Once you’ve picked one grab a cheap package holiday and single trip travel insurance with activities cover and you’re good to go and see some of the most beautiful beast’s nature has ever managed to create.

  1. South Africa – The Kruger National Park – The Kruger national park is considered to be one of the best nature reserves in the world and it is the perfect place to safari. It features the big 5 in abundance and whilst you might not see them all you can guarantee at least seeing some. The sheer diversity of life on the savannah is astonishing with herds of wild animals from Giraffe to Zebra from Hippo to Hyena is simply staggering. The region is well catered for tourists and you can stay in everything from a tent to a five star tree house overlooking a watering hole. The sheer beauty of the area alone makes the Kruger worth a trip.
  2. The Galapagos Islands – Darwin made these islands famous and they are in many ways responsible for much of our modern thinking. The nearby volcanic activity has created a chain of islands each with wildly different populations of animals. You won’t find the big five here or anything particularly large at all but the diversity of lizards, birds and let’s not forget the tortoises makes this a truly spectacular nature based holiday. Tours are generally by boat and the warm climate and the islands natural beauty in themselves are breath taking.
  3. Bandavargh – India  has dozens of fantastic safari locations and all of them offer much the same in the way of potential highlights. We’ve chosen Bandavargh as it gives us the best chance of seeing one of India’s most important (and sadly incredibly threatened) the Bengal tiger. Whilst tigers are top of most visitors agenda the national parks also offer you the chance to see elephants, the Asiatic lion, leopards, the sloth bear and rhinoceros – and that’s without even mentioning the beautiful scenery and the birds, snakes and other inhabitants of India’s dense forests.
  4. Rwanda – Rwanda plays host to one of the most heavily protected species for animals – the Gorilla. Whilst Rwanda has had a turbulent history it no seems pen for tourism and safari’s here are becoming increasingly popular. The scenery is stunning and the culture generally warm and friendly but the opportunities are abundant for seeing rare birds, monkeys and reptiles making it a really spectacular place to while away a few weeks.
  5. Manitoba – Canada has a very different ecosphere to most of the rest of the world and the opportunities for seeing rare and spectacular animals in the whole of the country are incredible. The top items on most people’s agendas are the bears and the whales but there are hundreds of other intriguing spectacles with even the moose and wolves being spectacular to see and hear. The country and specifically the region are unrivalled in terms of beauty with dense forest, broad icy plains and layers of snow an ice making it serene to say the least.

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Please be safe and have fun whilst travelling on safari.

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