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Road Trip

Recently my man friend and I drove from Edinburgh to Orkney and back again in one slightly elongated weekend. I understand that this does not constitute as an actual proper road trip but it did get me thinking about road trips and how much I want to do a major road trip. There’s something incredibly appealing about setting off in the car with a final destination in mind and stopping off wherever you fancy along the way.  I possibly have a slightly rose tinted idea of the whole thing but it’s a great way see a lot of different places in a relatively small space of time and as long as you get on (very well) with you chosen fellow travellers it’s an awesome way to spend time together.

The road trip is all about the actual trip rather than the destination but picking a good route will make the whole thing much more wonderful. From my previous experience I would not pick driving through Scotland in winter, driving through a Cairngorms ski centre amid a blizzard was a particular low point of my recent trip.

Some of my friends have road tripped from Chicago to LA on Route 66 and loved it. Without driving like the clangers you can safely do it in about 14 nights stopping in some seriously cool places like St Louis, Oklahoma, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and ending up Los Angeles.

Some of my other adventurous friends have road tripped in Australia. The Australia idea excites me as the chance is snow is a lot slimmer and the chance of sunshine is high. The route my friends took was along Western Australia’s Coral Coast. They started off in Perth and ended up a few days later in Monkey Mia where they got to see the legendary dolphin’s that the swim to shore to see the humans – sounds super.  After some dolphin beach action they travelled to Kalbarri, they stayed there for a few days as there was so much to do and some beautiful restaurants.  On the way back to Perth you can stop via Geraldton if time permits and the Swan Valley. Swan Valley is a must if you are a wine fan as its Western Australia’s oldest wine growing region. If you are a serious food and wine buff there is an award winning food and wine trail where you can learn to blend your own wine.  You can then amble back to Perth and catch a flight home.

Admittedly, road trips aren’t everyone’s ideal holiday choice. You need to make sure you really like the people you are travelling with and taking the kids probably isn’t the greatest idea you’d probably be better off taking them on a nice little package holiday somewhere sunny. From my experience you also need to ration snacks, when partaking in normal life you can easily go three hours without a snack when in the car for an unexplained reason you suddenly feel the need to devour a constant stream of food. It’s one to watch as you don’t want to return from your road trip a porker.

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