Entertainment on the Waves in 2011

Entertainment on the Waves in 2011

So you’ve booked a great cruise deal on a stunning looking liner, and now you’re sitting on the deck, not sure what to do. There’s not really much to do. You share a room with a lady that snores like a lumberjack. The swimming pool advertised on the cruise liner’s website turned out to be the CEO of the company’s home swimming pool. There’s no such thing on the ship. You would twiddle your thumbs, but you did that all of yesterday. It’s time for something fresh. Perhaps jog around the ship? Maybe try to spot some dolphins? YOU BOOKED THE WRONG CRUISE!

Modern cruise liners offer guests a myriad of different things to do. Short of personal submarine outings to the depths of the oceans (Richard Branson may still offer this someday), you can keep yourself entertained to the point of boredom.

In fact, for some people, staring at their cabin light may be entertainment enough, since some of these cruise liners are made to the highest standards. They’re floating hotels. But, for those who are a little more adventurous, let’s look at a few things that are generally presented to guests as entertainment.


Yes, food can be entertaining. No, your lobster won’t get up and dance for you. However, spending quality time around a table in a luxurious setting with good friends, old or new, definitely tops the list of entertainment. Quality cruise companies offer guests mouth-watering food. (Makes you want to apply for a job on one of these ships.)

Swimming pool

Who would have thought a few decades ago that ships would have swimming pools? What would Christopher Columbus’ men said if they saw these floating hotels with their magnificent swimming pools? They would have engaged in a mutiny! Of course, a bare swimming pool in itself does not qualify as entertainment. Throw in a few friends, a good band who knows what the crowd wants and some sunshine, and the swimming pool becomes the life of the ship!


Evening entertainment on many liners include professional shows, a la Las Vegas. If you’re into people singing and dancing on a stage, then this is the type of entertainment you wouldn’t want to miss.

Some cruises may have a resident or guest comedian who’ll only be happy to try and make you laugh.

Some cruise ships offer a wide variety of entertainers, from comedians to jugglers to hypnotists to musicians. Come on, Something should interest you in that list!


For those who consider revues punishment, there’s always the casino, where you can sit and play to your heart’s content.


For those wishing to swig on a beer, or sip on a quality whiskey, most ships offer a bar. While away the time listening to or telling tall tales while relaxing with a drink.

What about curling?

Well, OK, if sweeping ice with a modified broom is your idea of fun, then there are ships that offer that type of entertainment too.

Written by Jay Jacobs a writer who is interested in the world around him, green issues, travelling and modern technology that helps keep him in touch. Loves life and hopes all is well with you in your life.

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