Baguio City – Summer Capital of the Philippines

It’s SUMMER time! Well, here in the Philippines. The months of April and May are considered to be the hottest season here in our humble country. Where temperature reaches 36 degrees celsius, almost like having a mild fever and where we can cook a raw egg yolk just by placing it under the sun for about 15 minutes. During this hot weather, where else can we be to feel comfortable aside from making ourselves stay in an airconditioned room while worrying the increasing consumption of electric bill? When you want a cool retreat away from the heat of your province, there’s definitely a one place waiting for you to go and explore. Just take a bus ride or private car to get to that interesting little place affectionately called the City of Pines.

Baguio City or the City of Pines is the gateway to he wonders of Northern Luzon. It’s called the City of Pines simply because there are lots of Pine trees planted in the place which cannot be seen in other places of the country. Baguio City is situated in the center of Benguet province about 250 kilometers away north of Manila the capital of the Philippines and 1,500 meters above sea level. In the heart of the city, what I mostly missed and wanted to visit again is the endless walking in the Session road, the city’s commercial center. I never get tired seeing the busy streets while enjoying my favorite Strawberry “taho”, a nutritious soya drink mixed with Strawberry jam. Every morning, we rent a bicycle in Burnham Park “The Mother of all Parks” and feel the cool breeze. It is designed and named by a premier American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham who also planned the original design of Baguio City. After the ride, you have to experience sailing in the man-made lake with a rowboat. To those who wanted to take other options, there are also skating areas, sports and gaming and a lot of food eateries. Every Filipinos love to take a photograph, and the most visited and photograph landmarks in the city is “The Mansion”. It is the summer residence of the President of the Philippines. It’s just right across from the “Wright Park”. One more reason why I love Baguio is that, I can ride a horse and explore the views on the hillside of the mountain in any time I wanted. Most often, kids refer the place as “Ride Park” because there are horses to ride-on on the riding circle for the beginners and a choice to go outside the park with a horse guide. To enjoy more of the spectacular view of Benguet’s gold and the hills and mountains of the Philippine Cordilleras, take a visit of the lasting attractions of the “Mines View Park”. Tourist also get a chance to get dressed in full Cordillera outfit- “bahag”, (loincloth) shield and spear for the men and “tapis” (cloth made by weaving) for the ladies. Vest and Headdresses for both. Any visit on the park will not be completed without going to the “Good Shepherd Convent” where you can buy jam, peanut brittle or any goodies or “pasalubong” a present or souvenir to your families from this unforgettable trip. If you want a different adventure, you can also visit the Philippine Military Academy where only the best Filipinos are trained and prepare for military service. Visitors are free to watch them while they’re performing their drills or you can explore their museum with vintage tanks and military weapons.

Baguio city , inspite of its developing city strictly holds an advocacy in protecting the environment by pushing through different government programs. Even senior citizens were encourage to have an active role in the waste management and clean and green program to inspire younger generations to also get involved in protecting the environment so that Baguio City remains on the top pick for a Summer destination.
Guest post written by Rachel at Explore-Earth, thank you for reading.

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