8 Cheap Airline Tips

cheap_flightTraveling by yourself or even with your family can add up fairly fast. If you want to save on your next flight, I wanted to give you some tips that I use all the time when I want to find the cheapest airline ticket for my next business trip, or vacation.

  1. Use comparison engines – Use sites such as Kayak.com that help you compare airfares from all sorts of companies. This is a great way to view the airline ticket price per day.
  2. Travel on Tuesday and Wednesday – Experts are going to tell you that the best day to travel is either Tuesday or Wednesday. Since this is one of their slower days, you’re going to find that you can sometimes snag a pretty good deal.
  3. Search for coupon codes – If you book direct with the airline company themselves, you will notice that many of them allow you to put in a coupon code. When you do so, you can save 10%+ on your purchase. While coupon codes aren’t always out there, it doesn’t hurt to look.
  4. Package your deal – If you’re going to get a hotel, rental car and more, you may want to consider getting a package deal. These deals generally include a rental car, hotel and more. By packaging them, you can save a good amount of money.
  5. Consider a credit card – Believe it or not, you’re going to find that there are credit card out there that will give you a free airline ticket just for signing up. While many of them are going to require that you make a few purchases, you can make the purchases, get your airline ticket and cancel. Be sure to do this a few months ahead of time to take advantage.
  6. Go to a smaller airport – Most people just head to the biggest airport to get their flight. You will find that some of your smaller airports will offer better deals. A great way to find deals themselves is to go to the smaller airports in your area online via their website.
  7. Bid on your ticket – Did you know that you can bid on tickets online? Sites such as Priceline allow you to name your own price. The only downfall is that you don’t know what time you’re going to fly out, or which carrier you’re going to fly. This is a great way to get a killer deal. Do this only if you don’t mind when you’re flying.
  8. Use travel deal sites – Sites such as Travelzoo are amazing when it comes to deals. Not only with airline tickets, but you can find hotels as well. Browse these sites before booking to see if there are any deals.

These 8 tips will generally give you a good deal on your airline tickets. As long as you plan, and prepare online, you will find that you can get a rather good deal.

This was a guest post written by Elizabeth Cutten. You can find more of her work on her student blog at http://www.findcollegecards.com

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