6 Ways to Travel Cheap This Summer

travel cheapAh, the summer is fast upon us and for many of us out there, we are going to hit the great American road to take a road trip, or maybe even hitting the local airport to go visiting a hot destination. No matter what you do in regards to travel, I wanted to give you six tips that you should follow when you want to save on your next, upcoming trip.

#1 Take advantage of deal sites

One of the best sites out there is TravelZoo.com. This site posts it’s top 20 deals of the week every Wednesday. For those that can book last minute, you can get some killer cheap deals on airline tickets, hotels, package deals and so much more. Subscribe to this site ASAP if you haven’t done so already.

#2 Name your own price

Priceline.com has a great feature that I take advantage of all the time. When you book a hotel, rental car or even an airline ticket through Priceline, you can name your own price. The system works rather easily, and what you will find that if your price is good enough, a hotel, airline or whomever will accept! I’ve been able to save 60% by doing this.

#3 Package deals are the way to go

If you’re going to fly, or drive on your next vacation, packages are generally the way to go. With these packages, they are going to throw in the airline ticket, the rental car, hotel and even more goodies. When you buy everything at once, you can save. Find these package deals on most travel sites online.

#4 Get a gas credit card

For those that are going to go on a road trip, get a credit card that is going to give you rebates at the gas pump. Did you know that you can save up to 5% off your purchase each time you fill up? If you have to fill up 10 times at $60, that’s a $30 savings right there.

#5 The hotel books on the road

This is another road trip tip for those hitting the road. If you’re unsure where you’re going to stay on the road, be sure to stop at a rest area, or even a welcome center. When you do, be sure to pick up a hotel book. These books have coupons and more that you use on your upcoming route.

#6 Join the reward clubs

If you’re loyal to a hotel, an airline or even a rental car agency, be sure to join their rewards club. Most of the time, it’s going to be free. What you’re going to want to do is look for some upcoming deals. For example, last summer, I was able to get a buy 2 nights, get 1 free. Trust me, my family took advantage of this one.

These are all great ways to save money & to find cheap deals. Test them out on your next vacation, and see how much you can save!

This is a guest post written by Elizabeth C. You can find more of her work over at FindGasCards.com, a site comparing some of the best gas rebate credit cards on the market, as well as a blog packed with tips, guides and more.

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