Turkey – The Oriental Magic of History, Sea and Spices

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The ancient and oriental of Turkey

A land where the east meets the west, Turkey has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. Stunning mountains, beautiful landscapes both desert and mountain, thousands of years of culture, historical monuments, exotic spices and architecture, hearty locals… all of this and much more make Turkey a special place. With elements of the traditional, western culture combining with exotic, oriental elements, Turkey is unlike any other country in the world, and when you lay your eyes on it yourself, you’ll have no choice but to agree.

With its vast size and diverse nature, Turkey can be visited year round, but most people agree that the summer months are when you’ll get the most of Turkey. It’d be impossible to describe the plethora of summer resorts located in Turkey, so we bring you an overview of some of the most popular ones.



In a few short years, Alanya has blossomed from a small town on the coast, to a tourist hotspot. Alanya has been populated since ancient times, and has served as a stronghold for many different empires which came and went over the years. As a result, there are numerous artifacts and ancients buildings scattered around Alanya, such as the Church of Saint George, the UNESCO protected Alanya Castle, the Kızıl Kule (or Red Tower), and numerous other villas and ancient homes. But don’t let that deceive you, as at night Alanya is a party capital. Dubbed ‘the Vegas of Turkey’, numerous clubs, tattoo shops, bars and restaurants litter the town, and will ensure that you’ll be able to relax after a day of sightseeing. Truly a tale of two towns.


Antalya Kaleici

The largest Turkish city on the western coast of the Mediterranean, Antalya offers natural beauties, mixed with a crystal clear sea, and a rich historical heritage. The town’s ancient core, called Kaleiçi, is sprawling with ancient buildings and structures of Roman and Ottoman design. This mixture mirrors the one of Turkey, as the classical western Roman architecture meets the more exotic eastern Ottoman designs and converges into something spectacular. The nearby Taurus Mountains offer an opportunity for adventure, if sailing the Mediterranean isn’t enough for you. To top it all off, Turkey’s finest museum is located just outside town.


Kusadasi at sunset

A mayor resort and cruise city, Kusadasi and the surrounding region are packed with things to see and do. The ruins of the second largest city of the whole Roman Empire, Ephesus, are located nearby and are just packed with ancient Roman architecture, statues, buildings and villas. If that’s not enough history for you, the nearby hills and town of Selcuk offer a fascinating glimpse into the traditional Turkish lifestyle, as well as some spectacular sights from the top of the hills.
An interesting place to check out is the house of the Virgin Mary, located in the hills surrounding Selcuk. Even if you’re not religious, the services of the monks and nuns there make for an interesting experience. At the end of the day why not take a bath at one of the numerous beaches, or eat a romantic dinner on a boat? Numerous clubs, bars and discotheques will ensure that your time spent at Kusadasi will be filled with activities from morning to night.



Turkey’s longest beach spanning over 12 kilometers, Patara is a sight to behold. Located on countless „top beaches in the word“ lists, Patara is something special. One of Patara’s specialties is horseback riding. Observing the beach and surround area on horseback evokes images of the past, and famous Ottoman riders of ancient times. If you want to experience more of the traditional Turkish lifestyle, the nearby small village Gelemiş will let you experience a bit of Turkey as it once was. Truly a remarkable place.

Patara beach

This small glimpse of Turkey truly makes you appreciate the country’s vast history, and natural wealth. With an abundance of other locations, Turkey truly is a spectacular place to spend your next vacation.

Article written by Goky Brkic, a passionate travel enthusiast and freelance writer from beautiful Mediterranean, engaged in writing articles about attractive travel destinations. Currently writing for Odmaram, a Slovenian tour agency with great last minute deals.

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    As many times as I have been to Turkey, I’ve never visited this city. Looks amazing. I am very interested in seeing the Istanbul and I think this summer would be the perfect time to do it. Thanks for the idea!

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