Top European Destinations for Foodies

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Top European Destinations for Foodies

European destination for foodies

Europe is best known for two things, one is travelling, and the other is food. European food is as popular as any other food in the world, like Thai, Mexican or Indian. In fact, it is also called the food capital of the world for its wide variety inĀ flavorsĀ and tastes. Plus, it offers cuisines of so many countries that make a whole different dining experience.

Following are the few European countries the foodies must not miss visiting during their trip to Europe.

1. The UK

The country has so much to offer to the foodies than just than fish, chips and wine. Many of the world famous celebrity chefs like Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay are from the UK.

You will simply love the taste of British cuisines like steak and kidney pie or Sunday roast, made with quality ingredients that keep the authentic taste. Though the food is not as extravagant or exotic as the other regions, but England is best loved for home cooking.

2. Italy

By Italian food, most people refer to Pasta, Pizza only, but in reality, it has much more to offer.

Italian food mostly revolves around family recipes, and that is why one of the essential ingredients used into their cooking is, love.

The family recipes and fresh ingredients used over the generations make the taste of Italian food so distinctive and popular all over the world.

All these go into making tasty sauces and hearty pasta dishes.

A full Italian dinner may comprise of antipasto, a combination of delicious cheeses and processed meats followed by a main course and ending up with Italian treats such as tiramisu and annoli.

Whichever region you are visiting in Italy, all have their own unique taste and flavour but one thing you will find common everywhere is the superb quality wines that will be served on your table along with the food.

3. France

Leading in international cuisine, France is a paradise for the food lovers who can spend days on tasting the rich, creamy and delicious food, yet their taste buds will never be satisfied.

Just like its picturesque destinations, the country has a unique variety in its cuisines, though maintaining its authentic taste, quality and flavours. That is why most of the top chefs across the world get trained at some point of their career in France.

Most of the ingredients used in the French cuisines, from seafood to meat and even the nature-produced wine are available locally. Thus, the visitors can taste the best and fresh quality of ingredients used in making the dishes.

Crepes, cheeses, truffles, duck, escargot, everything comes locally and in terms of cooking technique also, France is just perfect.

4. Spain

Spain is a paradise for seafood lovers, though this is not the only reason to stop here.

Dishes like chorizo, tortilla, paella and various stews are healthy as well as tasty. Your visit to Spain will be incomplete without tasting tapas. It is fun to eat for its delicious taste and variety.

It is a whole range of cold and hot appetizers using ingredients best produced by the country like squid, cured meats, breads, olives, cheeses and etc. Eating tapas are like a social engagement that may include an entire meal in itself.

5. Turkey

This colourful country is not only rich in culture and heritage but also for its architecture and exotic food. In Turkey, the flavour of food is pure and natural and not overpowered by the flavours of too many spices or sauces.

You will love the simple but pure taste of ingredients and natural flavours used in their cuisines. Every dish tastes authentic because of these fresh ingredients like lamb, yogurt, eggplant, grilled meats and seafood that become lively and tasty.

Even though, most of the Turkish dishes are based on veggies and grains, meat lovers too will find their favourites in a wide variety of kebabs.

There is a number of popular food and cookery based shows coming up regularly on TV that developed immense interest in cooking and food amongst people. Offering some of the best flavours and so many varieties of culinary dishes, Europe is the ideal choice to go on a food and wine tour.

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