The Very Best Hotels in Stockholm

The second most frequented city among Nordic countries, Stockholm boasts of a large collection of museums and hotels. In fact, it is called the city of museums simply because there are over 100 museums dispersed throughout its streets. Lack of industries in the city makes this the cleanest metropolitan city in the world and a great place to visit. Here are the very best hotels in Stockholm that will pamper you the Swedish way.

The Grand Hotel

Leader among all Swedish hotels, the Grand is an international phenomenon with an extraordinary experience. Inaugurated in 1874, it is associated with Stockholm’s rich history while the rooms are unique and spacious just like its vibrant location in the city.

Facing the Old town and Royal Palace, The Grand greets visitors with a waterfront and comes in the Leading Hotels of the World list. Every room is distinctive in its design and is given a history of its own. The restaurants of the hotel were given the Michelin award twice while its bar, the Cadier Bar was recently awarded for an extensive and impressive cocktail menu featuring many world famous drinks.

Hotel Rival Stockholm

Hotel Rival can be characterized as a lively, colorful, hip and chic hotel that is modernistic to the hilt. Its exterior alone boasts of the masterpiece it is inside. An onsite cinema and bakery, expansive lobby, amazing bar and lounge deck this five star residency in luxury and fashion. Everyone from business men, politicians to pop stars make it a point of staying here each time they visit for a unique experience.

The Hotel Rival is part of the ABBA legend making it a hot gathering spot for locals and visitors alike. The cinema boasts of fashion shows, first show screenings and dramas with concerts thrown in.

Hotel Nobis

Nobis Hotel shows off the contemporary side of Sweden and Stockholm in particular rather than being excessive in luxury or styling. Maximum comfort, grace, efficiency and ease are assured with little care for unprofessionalism. What you will get in this hotel, is a simplistic but impressive treatment at the hands of true professionals in the Swedish hotel industry.

The Nobis Hotel uses two buildings of 19th century descent in the Norrmalmstorg square right within downtown Stockholm. 201 rooms are on offer with all conveniences required for weary travelers. Business or pleasure, it does not matter because the hotel staff and its services will suffice all.

Radisson Blu Royal Viking

Rated as a four star hotel, the Radisson Blu Royal Viking offers 459 rooms with a professional design in downtown Stockholm. Rooms are decked out using classic Viking furniture and internationally acclaimed designs. Two multipurpose bars and an amazing seafood restaurant make it the best place to dine and wine in all of Stockholm.

Hotel Skeppsholmen

The hotel’s premises are 17th century heritage but it does not have any nostalgic features as it is modernistic and neo-classically designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. The flooring of the hotel and its large windows have been preserved since the day it was erected while a fabulous collection of 81 rooms give it a cozy air. The Hotel Skeppsholmen is a part of the Design Hotels.

Pre-book your hotels in Stockholm (it is interesting to know that the term in Norwegian is hotell i Stockholm) and avoid paying for last minute deals.


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