The Island of Love – Galesnjak

The thing about the Adriatic coast is that its a place of variety and contrast. The many islands dotted around the coastline provide such a motley collection of sights and sensations that there is something for everyone, even the most demanding of pleasure seekers. There are some islands which have been settled on for millennia with centuries old signs of human habitation everywhere you look. On the other hand, you will find some pristinely preserved islets, rugged and teeming with life just as nature intended. Galesnjak, the Lovers’ Island belongs squarely in the latter category.


About Galesnjak

What Makes Galesnjak such a romantic getaway for lovers? Well, to begin with, the shape of the island bears an uncanny resemblance to the iconic heart shape that is the universal symbol of love. In fact, while there are several islands which have been proposed as being heart-shaped; Galesnjak is the one which is most reminiscent both in shape and relief. The two cusps at the top of the heart shape are marked by two peaks and the land then more or less recedes in level and breath until a jutting slither of land gently sinks into the ocean at the tail end of the heart shape.

island of love maps

Size and shape

The privately owned island is tiny by any measure, the entire area being just slightly over a tenth of a square kilometer. The island is ringed by a 1.55 kilometer long sandy beach.
Currently, trees and wild plants are the only forms of life on the island. Some ancient burial mounds and foundations of a medieval building are indications that at some time in the ancient past, it was inhabited by people.

sailing to the island of love

How it got famous

Galesnjak attained worldwide fame in 2009 when it was highlighted on Google Earth and soon attained iconic status as a symbol of the romantic Dalmatian coast of Croatia. For years Galesnjak, with its shrubbery-covered terrain, was very hard to traverse and thus not an ideal location for holding weddings or for offering romantic camping getaways. This was addressed in late 2013 when the owners embarked on a project to clear two long strips of land on the island and plant olive trees as well as some natural landscaping. The pier which had been set up over 80 years ago has also been rehabilitated.

galesnjak view

Getaway for lovers

Galesnjak now has lived up to its potential as the perfect getaway for lovers. Even with these recent changes, it is still devoid of signs of human activity everywhere you look. Call it Paradise Lost or whatever other epithet comes to mind but the gentle grandeur of the new Island of Love is unequalled elsewhere, not just on the coast of Croatia.

Another factor that has contributed to the immense popularity of Galesnjak as a holiday attraction is its ease of accessibility. Located less than a mile off the coast of Croatia, the island is easily accessible from the town of Turanj on the mainland. Galesnjak is also very close to the much larger island of Pasman. As there is no ferry service to the tiny island, the use of boats and yachts presents the only option for tourists wishing to land on its beach.

galesnjak beach

If you want to enjoy your visit to the Island of Love to the fullest, the best way is to use a chartered boat or yacht. Croatia has a host of charter agencies which provide all manner of boats and yachts for hire to tourists. This option gives you the freedom to explore the Dalmatian coast islands at your leisure. You may even opt to have a knowledgeable guide to accompany you along as well.

Article written by Demes R, a passionate writer and blogger from Croatia who is currently writing articles about beautiful and breathtaking places in Croatia and Europe in behalf of Orvas Yachting (, a popular yacht and boat charter in Croatia.

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