The best carnivals are in Barcelona

The best carnivals are in Barcelona, 3.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Many people say that Barcelona is the city that has it all. And they are probably right. One of the best things of the city is that you can get to experience the Spanish way of life and you can enjoy in the same time a very international atmosphere. Barcelona is known for the crazy nightlife and for the best parties and entertainment ever. And carnivals are not an exception.

¨El carnaval de Sitges¨, has place in a village situated at 35 km from Barcelona, a place for all the people that loves Spanish music, curious and eccentric.

Every year the carnival has a lot of visitors that participate to a full show of colors and sensuality, the atmosphere created here, being able to compete with any other carnival.

The whole show takes place during a week, usually in February and it gathers together around 300.000 participants. People from all over the world are coming to Barcelona during the carnival to be able to enjoy the city and also the crazy show from Sitges. For the most of them this carnival is one of the most enjoyable and wild from Europe.

The carnival is also known as being a sort of asylum, away from the intolerance and discrimination, a place where people can behave whatever they like. That is why, it became over the years a ¨Mecca¨ for the gay community and also one of the most popular in the international calendar of gays and lesbians.

For a week, you can enjoy a mix of all kind of costumes, music 24 hours per day, and parade after parade. The biggest one is the liberty parade that has place in Rua de la Disbauxa. During the festival there are also fireworks shows during the election of miss and mister carnival and also a manifestation for children.

The extermination parade (el desfile del exterminio) is one known for the limitless shows and the crazy characters. The ¨Wednesday ash¨ is the closing day of the carnival when a sardine statue is being walked around on the beach.

The easiest way of getting to the carnival of Sitges is by train. You can take one from the centre of Barcelona, from Passeig de Gràcia and Sants Estació, the journey takes 40 minutes. Another ¨crazy¨ carnival, ¨Carnestoltes¨ takes place in March. T

he fun begins on ‘Fat Thursday’ (‘Jueves Ladero’), 03 March and ends the following Wednesday with a traditional ceremony in which sardines are buried to symbolise the beginning of the fast. The ¨fiesta¨ is very popular between the Spanish people, especially because is related to the celebration of the Easter. You will enjoy the most amazing traditional costumes, street dancers, parades and music that will make you understand why Barcelona is so famous for the good mood and the party atmosphere.
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