Best beaches in Costa Del Sol 2014

When it comes to visiting Spain it’s hard to choose the right holiday destination for you but if you’re looking to relax and take your mind off things then Costa Del Sol would be a great choice. If you’re travelling as a family or as a romantic couple, reading through this article you’ll find the best beaches in Costa Del Sol to explore and whether you’re planning on doing water sports or simply catching the sun rays relaxing on a sun bed, If you’re looking for fantastic offers for holidays to Costa Del Sol then I highly recommend Directline Holidays.

El Cristo Beach

If it’s a breezy yet beautiful sunny day you’ll find this beach is absolutely ideal seeing as it’s a beach which is sheltered by the wind. This is also a beach which is perfect for kids seeing as there are no rocks or stones on the beach also this would be a great place to snorkel seeing as the sea is crystal clear. This beach is located in the town of Estepona and it’s not hard to notice seeing as the sand is darkly coloured not your usual bright yellow sand and the beach itself is very well maintained getting cleaned daily.


El Chorillo Beach

When searching for a beach what usually would come into anyone’s mind in terms of a dream beach would be golden sands with crystal clear blue waters with a relaxing yet peaceful atmosphere well this is exactly what El Chorillo beach has to offer in the municipality of Nerja. The beach stretches across 1,200 meters which gives you plenty of space to play some classic Frisbee or a bit of five-a-side football.


Playa El Canuelo Beach

This beach has to be one of the most scenic beaches in Costa Del Sol located in municipality of Nerja surrounded by hills offering such a peaceful atmosphere. This beach would be ideal for any professional or aspiring photographers as you’ll get some spectacular sunset shots here with the glistening orange sun reflecting off the sparkling water. Do remember to bring your own food seeing as the restaurants and bars are a fair way away from this beach unless you plan to go to the beach for a couple of hours and then eat.


Playamar beach

It’s understandable why this beach would be used for shows and performances considering its vast amount of space and with this amount of space makes it a great place to play beachball, volleyball, football etc.  They’re palm trees at the top of the beach given a real beach atmosphere with plenty of umbrellas in case you want to stay out of the sun. There are restaurants nearby just a walk away so you don’t need to worry about bring your own food to the beach which is handy.


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