Croatia – The Summer Hotspot in Europe 2014

Croatia - The Summer Hotspot in Europe 2014, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Croatia is one of the most breath taking places in Europe. The European Union included Croatia in its geography in the year 2013 and since then there has been a lot of buzz involving tourism in this country. The Croatian National Tourism Board has aimed for a sustainable model of tourism for revenue generation. This is the reason why it has been undergoing a lot of improvements on many fronts.


Places to Visit

Known as the land of a Thousand Islands, Croatia has a splendid mix of culture and history. The capital city Zagreb along with Split in Dubrovnik has many historical monuments. In fact, the Diocletian Palace has been named as one of the heritage sites by UNESCO.

Exploring Croatia

Other than the heritage sites you need to add the following places to your itinerary and whatever you do don’t forget your camera!

Zagreb: Other than being the capital of Croatia, Zagreb is also famous for its museums and a fabulous café life. Since the 90’s, Zagreb has been the cultural melting pot of the country.

inland croatia

Inland Croatia: It is famous for its picturesque chain of mountains that connect to the Alps. This place also captures the essence of central Europe extremely well.

Kvarner: Subtropical plants, small and beautiful hills, fishing villages and sandy beaches dominate this region. It will definitely captivate you!


The Southern Dalmatian Island: This place has maintained its serenity and has been well guarded from the modern world. Boutique style hotels, local food and wine, and some wonderful beaches promise to keep you entertained.

Best Time to Visit

May/June and September/October are the best months to visit Croatia. The warm and sunny climate will ensure the best tourism experience you could’ve hoped for. Whether you indulge in sunbathing or adventure sports, you will find that it’s extremely affordable. These months are considered to be off-season by the Croatia National Tourism Board. Hence, the hotels have some amazing offers and the airlines too offer huge discounts on tickets.

croatia sea

In terms of people visiting Croatia, July/August is the peak season. If you don’t mind the crowd and the higher rates offered during this time, you can plan your vacation during these two months as well, because everything is a lot nosier and busier and well that much more fun.

Food and Drink

croatia food

Croatia is well known for two cuisines-its Seafood and Mediterranean specialties. Croatians are more sociable over lunch and hence, you are likely to get some exciting discounts during the day at most restaurants. As for drinks, the locals enjoy their wine more than any other drink.

Some Important Things to Keep in Mind

* If you are a budget traveler, keep in mind that May to September is the main tourism season. Hotel owners are likely to charge almost 30% more than they would otherwise in cities like Zagreb.
* Train is a very good option for exploring the city. It is cheap and convenient at the same time. Buses can be quite expensive.
* Croatia gets tons of visitors from the UK and Italy during summer each year and 2014 will be no different, the tourism department in Croatia expects a 30% increase in visitors this year too.
* Croatia still remains excitingly new and undiscovered for most of its foreign tourists and is definitely one of the safest, most well organised and beautiful places to visit in Europe

This article was written by Romeo Demes. He is a passionate writer and traveler from Croatia who has build up a reputation as a good travel writer. He contributed to many popular travel websites and is currently writing in behalf of Online Croatia (, a Croatian tourist info and accommodation website.

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