Have You Travelled Europe?

How many European cities you have travelled?

Most people in the world have Europe in their bucket list. Europe is best place to experience diverse culture, cuisine and architecture.

According to Forbes List of most visited cities in the world, Europe’s most visited cities are:


  • London – is the most popular in the world
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Rome
  • Frankfurt
  • Paris
  • Milan
  • Amsterdam
  • Vienna

How much do you know about Europe? Test your knowledge and try to solve the anagrams in the quiz here.

My Favorite City Breaks

London is a royal gateway, there are number of things to do in London like visiting art gallery, museums, monuments, river cruise, nightlife and food. Explore London on tube or Barclays cycle which you can rent easily. The best thing you will experience here is the people from all around the world, their culture and cuisine. You can eat from Thai Curry to Enchiladas.

London on Bike

Barcelona is a cultural gateway. Drive street of Barcelona on Vespas which is equipped by Tom Tom GPS system. There are numbers of running and walking tours take place on day to day basis. Still not like these options of commuting around then think about hot-air Balloon flights. What Else you looking for? Limo tour is also available!

Choose your Vespa

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