Paris Travels – Enthralling history in the offering

Let’s start with a few impressive numbers about travelers in France. With foreign tourists numbering above 83 million, France stands first in the whole world in terms of foreign tourists. France has 37 sites in all listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The countryside travel in France is a big attraction for Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Also, the travel to French Riviera accounts to a lot of travelers with tourist attractions such as Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and many more. However Paris remains the single largest tourist attractions in France.

Extraordinary history of Paris

Travelers flock into Paris for all sorts of reasons. The foremost reason is historical monuments. Paris is among the most priced historical cities in the world with the rich and extraordinary history of over 10000 years. This is a city developed and expanded on both the banks of Seine River. There are a very few cities in the word with such full-bodied history. The list of historical monuments in Paris is very long. Here are a few of the most famous.

1. Louvre Museum – One of the words largest museum, it is richness personified. It is located on the right bank of the Seine River and central in Paris City. It also has the famous painting of ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci. 60,600 sq mtrs of exhibit area and with over 9.7 million visitors, the scale and operation of Louvre museum is gigantic.

2. Montmartre church – This is a famous church on the north of the Paris City. It is also one of the cultural centers of the city as many of the artists have their cities around the church. The view of the glitterati of Eiffel tower from the hill of Montmartre is magnificent.

3. Arc de triomphe – A standing mark of victory in Napoleonic Wars, this monument was built in 1806. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions. It is also start of the [pullquote-right] Champs-Élysées, arguably the costliest streets in the world. [/pullquote-right]

4. Eiffel tower – This monument among 7 wonders of the world, needs no introduction. It was built in 1889 as an arch of entrance to the world fair of 1889. There are two lifts in all which will carry you to the three levels of this tower. It will cost you around 20 Euros. There is an enclosed observatory as well as open air sky walk on the first and second level and the only a closed observatory on the third level. [pullquote-left]  Tip for the travelers is that entry to the Louvre museum is free on the first Sunday of every month. [/pullquote-left]

5. Cathedral of Notre-Dame – It is one of the most famous catholic cathedrals in the world. It is famous for its architecture. It also houses few of the historically most famous relics such as Crown of thorns, few pieces of the true cross and one holy nail.

6. Grand Arc – Grand arc is situated in the modern day business district of La defense. It also houses a museum of modern day artifacts. The grand arc, Arc de triomphe and Louvre museum forms the straight axis of Paris City.

7. Versailles Palace – The palace Versailles is one of the most grand and rich monuments in the world, with over 300 rooms of sheer royalty and one of the most exquisite gardens in the world. This palace is must visit on your Paris trip.
There are many more historical monuments such as assembly national, Hotel de la ville, etc. Campervan rental is suggested for a comfortable and time driven travel across the historical City of Paris.

Author Bio – Author is a travel enthusiast and had a chance to live in the famous city of Paris for 2 months. He was benefited in his travel by Campervan rental in Paris.

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  1. Caroline says:

    A great post and I like all the places you have mentioned. Paris is so full of rich history and culture. I’ve always been particularly fascinated by the history of the Arc de triomphe and the Unknown Soldier. There is so much to see. Do you have any particular favourites which you would recommend as ‘must-sees?’ The palace Versailles is absolutely extraordinary!

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