Enjoy your exclusive holidays in La belle France

France-Paris-TheLouvreLa belle, meaning beautiful, France is a western European country that attracts millions of travelers with its rich cultural heritage knitted around market square, cafes and traditional eateries where dish of the day is chalked outside on the board.

Cultural Inheritance

France is home to some of world’s best architecture, art galleries and museums. The Roman temples and Renaissance castles in France are known worldwide for their historical significance. Walk through the lily’s gardens, which is as beautiful as the painting of Claude Monet. Taking a sip of coffee at the Parisian café, where Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, popular writer, feminists and phiosopher of France, spent a considerable time savoring a coffee.

Located 21km southwest of Paris, Versailles is a site worth a visit once. Versailles has served as a royal seat and political capital for more than a decade. Visit Versailles and experience the glory of French Past at bourgeois. If you are an art lover, I strongly recommend strolling 19th-century Haussmann mansions in Paris. However, France holidays aren’t all about sight-seeing; savor cocktails in a vintage style Nantes, enjoy Marseille rap and Parisian jazz, and experience a cocktail of music, tradition and lingo in Brittany.

Culinary Lifestyle

French is one of the culinary epicenters of the world. besides the stunning landscapes and architecture, french food and wine is another reason travelers love to visit this country again and again. Around 80 millions visit France every year making it the world’s top rated travel destination. Culinary France is far beyond the Parisian bistro dining, beach side lunches, fruit and vegetable shopping at the local market, gulping hot croissants from French bakery.

Every region in France has its own gastronomic delight. Paris is known for its desert petits fours and Brittany for flip crepes. Meet one of the world’s best sommeliers in Bordeaux; enjoy a glass of Champagne in prehistoric town Reims; and crop cherries, olives and peaches on your own while in the south. French cuisines are as elegant as French people.

Expressive Landscape

An enthralling and incredibly beautiful journey is woven from the cliff of northern France to the coastline of the French Rivera and lush green forests of Corsica. The landscape is known for its outdoor excursions such as surfing at Biarritz, mountaineering at Chamonix, skiing at the Alps, hopping from one died out volcano to another at the Massif Central and flipping down Europe’s largest sand hill. If your idea of a perfect holiday is just to relax, stroll with naked legs across sandstone of Mont St-Michel.

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