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Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and its dramatic coastline is probably Europe’s most spectacular thing. Surrounded with deep blue waters and stunning beaches, Sardinia is a dream destination for lovers of sun and is one of the most geologically bodies of land in Europe. This island holds a strong cultural identity and boasts a rich history with an abundance of sites and many more.

Sardinian people are known for their spontaneous hospitality and one can not only will be able to discover some of the most beautiful places but also their journey will remain unforgettable. The island has multiple attractions including dazzling white beaches which even in summer are not crowded. One should surely take a visit to the below mentioned places.

1. Cagliari:

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and is located in the south of the island. It consists of many great sights and interesting places to visit. Its five outdoor spots are: Poetto Beach, Bastione St. Remy, Marina Piccola, Yenne Sq. and Roman Theatre. Groups of flamingos can often be seen on marshy land between airport and Pula.

2. Alghero:

Alghero is located on the west coast of Sardinia. Holidays to Alghero have become increasingly popular as visitors find plenty of opportunities for day trips. The best known is undoubtedly Cave complex of Neptune’s Grotto located in the peninsular of Capo Caccia. The surrounding area of Alghero also contains some pre historic sites.

3. Sassari:

Sassari is the second largest city of Sardinia. As you delve deeper you will get surprised looking at the number of jewels it has hidden under its shells. Attractions in Sassari include Casa di Re Enzo, Chiesa di Santa Maria di Betlem, Duomo di San Nicola, Museo Nazionale Sanna, Palazzo di Usini and Museo della Brigata Sassari.

There are still lots of places available with which you can make your journey excitable. Tourists can take advantage of activities like trekking, golfing and sailing. A good range of water sports are available on most coasts during summer days including waterskiing and wind surfing. The beaches are also incredibly clean and wherever you go, you will definitely find good standard of cleanliness.

In Italy, there are many other places to visit which includes Sicily. To make stay comfortable, tourists visit Sicily villas (Landhauser Sizilien called in German) and enjoy quality time to get the best relief.

Pictures of Sardinia:

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