Top 10 places for Ice-skating in London this winter

For as long as travelers want to explore London will keep on captivating its many admirers. During winters however, the city’s charm multiplies and London truly gets geared up for the season. Winters offer countless things to do in London but Ice-skating surely tops the list!

Whether you are a pro ice-skater or a newbie at the rink, London offers an uber-cool experience with the seasonal décor, well-maintained ice and above all a fantastic cheer in the air!

  1. Natural History Museum Ice Rink: Skating at the Natural History Museum ice rink is more of a local custom that just a place to see. You will always find devoted locals who skate at the rink underneath the gorgeous Christmas lights which brighten up not just the rink, but everyone’s spirits!Natural-History-Museum-Ice-Rink[1]
  2. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland:Hyde Park gears up for the festivities early on from November.Skating hereis like moving through a fairy tale. The park with its massive decorations, lights, glitz and a little bit of fairy-dust is what makes the place one of the most loved tourist attractions in London.Hyde-Park-Winter-Wonderland[1]
  3. Eyeskate: Ice skating in the shadows of the iconic London Eye is on every avid skater’s list and Eyeskate is all that and more. See the London Eye all lit up as you glide through the fancy lights and electric blue ice. A frozen story indeed!
  4. Broadgate Ice Rink: Skate through London’s longest running ice rink with enough restaurants, cafes, and shops lining the ice. Take a break from the skate to grab a hot drink or simply sightsee as you whirl through the rink. A must when in London, the ice rink offers a true ‘winter in London’ experience.Broadgate-Ice-Rink[1]
  5. Somerset House Ice Rink: The Somerset House ice rink is the coolest rink in London- quiet literally! Whether you choose to have a ‘Skate Extra’ with Truffles, Cream Tea or simply want to gorge on Fondue and have a few drinks to warm up, Somerset offers it all. The Dee Jay night at the rink is the most popular event in the city where people skate to groovy tunes.somerset-house-ice-rink[1]
  6. Tower of London: Seasonal ice rinks near the Royal Palace Fortress, is a charming experience in itself. A grand rink opened for Public during winters, the place is perfect if you want to chasse through the ice as you soak up the history of the place.tower-of-london-ice-rink[1]
  7. Canary Wharf Ice Rink: One of the most popular ice rinks in London, Canary Wharf offers the quintessential winter experience- right from the warm lights, cold ice, to the nearby market where you can grab a bite later! The Fairy lights which light up the rink along with the special Christmas performances make for a spectacular sight.Canary-Wharf-Ice-Rink[1]
  8. Alexandra Palace Ice Rink: The Alexandra Palace ice rink is a permanent ice heaven!The place has ice-hockey matches, figure skating and professional skating classes all year round. But the place truly shines in winter season and is considered a family spot during Christmas. The phoenix bar near the rink serves warm and cool drinks.Alexandra-Palace-Ice-Rink[1]
  9. Westfield Ice Rink: Live entertainment, themed skating sessions, and Dee Jay’s spinning party favorites, the Westfield rink promises to give a complete festive experience all in a closed ice rink!Westfield-Ice-Rink[1]
  10. Queens Ice and Bowl: The fanciest of all the ice rinks in London, Queen Ice, and Bowl is simply the best place to skate if you love places with a personality! Color-changing lights, light shows with special effects and a climate controlled ice rink, make the Queen’s Ice and Bowl one of the most sought out ice rinks in London. Did you know the place is used for many Television shows too?queens-ice-and-bowl[1]

So show-off your blades of glory as you explore one of the ‘must-skate’ places in London and while at it, don’t forget to enjoy the snow, the light and the soul of the city!

Author Bio:
I am Stephen Rogger, London Trip Planner @ TripHobo. Love to attend festivals across the globe, keen on knowing and experiencing different cultures and traditions.

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