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London Theater -The Best in Entertainment, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

London-theaterTravelers on holiday to London will not be disappointed with all that they can embrace within the city. The area is steeped in history, culture, entertainment, shopping and fine dining.

In fact, London has some of the best theatrical venues in all of Europe. Not unlike New York’s Broadway, London has a special cache of wonderful theatre venues that provide a great deal of variety to choose from. London is known to be the second most popular place for theatre in the world behind Broadway. Because of its many outstanding theatres and high quality performances, the area has become renowned. The prime area for theatre in London is an area known as the “West End”. It has housed some of the best theatrical running shows in the world. With over 13 million annual visitors, this area of London is one of the most highly trafficked areas in all of Europe. Because it offers so much rich culture, it is a lovely spot for a holiday and has become an infamous destination spot for vacationers from around the globe.

With over 40 Venues for theatrical performances, visitors can experience a grand array of shows from the spectacular stage presence of theatres such as the Coliseum Theatre, to the smaller quaint venues such as, The Ambassadors Theatre, the “Theatreland” area is known to be excellent and rich in culture, dining, entertainment, dramatic theatre, comedy, opera and musicals.

The Coliseum:

It is a grand theatre with a capacity for seating at just under 2,400 people. It is well known for its opulent palace theatre style. Presently, it is the home of the English National Opera, and many ballet extravaganzas. It has become one of the most popular venues in England.

Ambassadors Theatre:

It is a quaint entertainment venue in the west end of London. While the seating capacity is just under 500 people, it has housed some of the greatest productions that have come upon the London theatrical scene. It has been the location of some of London’s most predominant productions such as Agatha Christie’s, “The Mousetrap”. This classic ran at the theatre for over 20 years. Presently, the theatre is running the famous “Stomp” musical production.

Royal Opera House:

This is considered as home of the Royal Ballet, is a remarkable building in the heart of the Convent Garden. This has hosted all the major classic musicals since 1858 and has made a mark in the history of theater arts and music. This is a world famous structure, iconic and dedicated to London’s theatre arts.

Certainly London is no stranger to great entertainment and culture. No matter what type of theatre experience people are looking to have from the grand to the quaint, London’s venues offer some of the best theatrical entertainment in the world.

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