How Can You Save Money while Visiting London for the First Time

Choose an Oyster Card.JPGVisiting London for the first time! Congratulations, as you would have plenty of look forward to in your London trip. However, one thing which you would not want to anticipate is the heavy costs involved with the trip to the city.

Nonetheless, this should not act as a deterrent in planning a trip to the city. Here are some of the hottest ideas which you can use to save a few shillings while visiting the capital city of UK for the first time:

Plan your Visit Properly

If possible, choose the off-peak season, as air fares to London are considerably low during this time. In addition to this, make sure your flight takes off at unsociable hours as they among the cheapest (well, no pain no gain!).

While booking the accommodation, pick either apartment hotels or budget hotels of the city. They not only cost cheap but are well-facilitated too. Another option is bed and breakfast hotel that are not only economical but the breakfast is included in the room charges as well.

Walk the Way away

Choose walking tours, as they are probably the cheapest way to visit London attractions. Most of the tour companies have dedicated ‘walking tours’ and most of the tours are modestly charged too. In fact, some locals also conduct walking tours and normally they charge only £1 or £2 at most.

Choose an Oyster Card

Public transportation is the most economical way of getting in and around the city. To further increase your savings, buy an Oyster card. It normally saves up to 30% against the normal fare charges.

London Pass is another lucrative option for saving a few bucks while you are travelling in and around the city. However, it gains value only if you are planning to stay for at least four days in the city and if your pass comes with travel option. A six-day London pass would cost around £102 and covers all your transportation expenses in the city, either you are travelling on tubes or boarding a tram. Along with this, London pass provides you a ‘one-way’ free access to over 60 tourist attractions in the city.

Visit Free London Attractions

Even after being one of the most expensive cities of the world, London has numerous ‘free’ attractions. Some of the most famous art-galleries and museums of the city provide free access to visitors. Just enter these museums and galleries and share the space with dinosaur skeletons at the National History Museum. Else, adore the famous masterpieces by Old Masters like Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Poussin at the National Gallery.

Look for the Cheap Meals

Street food is probably the best way to keep your pockets ringing with cash while eating out in the city. Famous food markets in the city like Berwick Street Market, Bricklane and Brockley Market are the best places to have a sumptuous and economical eating experience.

Do not let the excitement of first time travel to London get over you. Plan your trip perfectly and economically with these tips and have a rocking and pocket-friendly time in the city.

Author’s Bio: Alicia is a travel writer with, a premium London hotel website offering the best accommodation options for travellers to the city.

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