A guide to things you can do on and around the River Thames

millenium-bridge-st-pauls-cathedral-london-2_lWhether you live locally to the River Thames or are planning a trip to London’s famous river for your holidays in 2011, you may not be aware of the numerous things you can see and do on and around the River Thames.

Despite the River Thames being a famous landmark, not many of us consider the vast range of opportunities that are available in this romantic and picturesque hive of activity.

Many people who visit the River Thames, especially around Windsor, miss out on the real experience of the lifestyle and culture of this particularly charming area of London.  Outlined here are the main activities and interests available in this central London vicinity.

Eating and Drinking

There is a whole host of bars, restaurants, pubs and cafes which line this great river offering a quick coffee, cold pint or a romantic three course meal as well as breathtaking views of the river.  A highly popular option is taking a restaurant cruise, mixing a relaxing luxury dining experience with the opportunity to view a selection of London’s famous sites such as the historic Tower Bridge and the London Eye.  As it also offers live entertainment and professional service, this really is an absolute indulgence.


A fantastic way to relieve the stress of everyday life is to let a boat take you down the Thames, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.  If you’re feeling more energetic, why not try something more dynamic?  There are plenty more ways to travel down the river like canoeing, rowing or sailing and with many boating clubs lining the river, help is always at hand.


The Thames has been described as an “angler’s paradise” due to its abundant supply of fish from roach and perch to pike, carp and many other varieties.  It is also very easy to get started, no matter how experienced you are.  After gaining a rod licence, simply join an angling club or make the most of one of the many free fishing sites along the river.


Whether you’re after a gentle stroll or a full-scale trek lasting several days, there are plenty of walking routes that are suitable for all. The Thames Path stretches 184 miles (294km) and passes through contrasting countryside from the Cotswolds to the sea at Southend. The trail passes through peaceful villages, historic towns and cities and of course the heart of London city to finish at the Thames Barrier in Greenwich. Walking along the Thames River can be incredibly relaxing and can really help you unwind. The Thames Path National Trail office and the Environment Agency have published 12 walks along different parts of the River Thames to encourage people to make use of the Thames path. Each route has level and wide paths and rest areas so the walks aren’t too strenuous.


Despite the fact that most of the Thames Path can’t be used by cyclists, there are parts of the path that cyclists are allowed to use. It’s great fun to cycle along the Thames and a good way of getting out and about and exercising. The traffic-free banks of the Thames offer long stretches of beautiful scenery and perfect cycling conditions.

Booking a stay around the River Thames and indulging in some of the above activities is easy. There are plenty of London hotels available to suit all requirements and getting to the city is easy due to the range of transport options on offer.

Beautiful Picture of the River Thames

Photo credit: Stuck in Customs

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