5 Short Holiday Destinations

Not all holidays are long holidays, so we picked 5 destinations that are ideal to spend a long weekend or a short holiday escape.


The capital of the Czech Republic is an amazing city to behold. It’s bustling with life and with amazing architecture. It is not the largest capital in the world, and all that it has to offer in terms of visiting historical monuments can be seen within a couple of days in no rush, meaning that you will feel like you’ve got your trip’s worth. People coming into Prague for a second time, or that simply aren’t into visiting monuments and the like, will still have their fill of fun with the Zoo or just by walking around town, sampling the local food and drinking the world famous beer.


When people come to us telling us they have a week to spend in Athens and are looking for things to do and see while they’re there, we usually recommend they take the time to visit some surrounding cities. Athens is a remarkable place, but you either dive deep into it for months and really get something out of it, or you can take just a couple of days to enjoy all that it offers in a superficial level. The in between just doesn’t work and will feel like you’ve wasted your time staying there for more than two or three days. But those two or three days will be amazing, and you’ll be visiting archeological sites that are as old as History and incredible landmarks such as the Parthenon.


We really want to make this list one that encompasses several different types of holiday, so we included somewhere where you can go and sit around at the beach, relaxing. The world capital of dance music isn’t known to be a place where you can enjoy yourselves, unless you’re really into the club scene. Well, that is not true. Ibiza has some of the most stunning beaches in the world and a population that is kind and welcoming. They may not be so welcoming to the people going there to live a nightly life, but they do genuinely love people who go there to enjoy the natural beauty of their island and their local culture, cuisine and traditions.


Our take on the romantic short holiday is Venice, Italy. It’s hard to beat Venice when it comes to romance, and any trip there as a couple is sure to be a success. Whether you’re navigating the canals, enjoying the scenery or eating at one of its many restaurants, there’s one thing you’ll never be doing: feeling disappointed.


We’d like to include a cultural option, and Amsterdam seems like the definite one for a short holiday. We thought about New York or London, but the size of those cities just makes it hard to really enjoy them if you’re on any sort of a schedule. In Amsterdam you can relax and still enjoy being in a big city with plenty of entertainment options.

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