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Must-See Attractions in Australia

Australia is a diverse continent with rugged mountains, glorious beaches, and spectacular cities filled with culture and variety. The following are the top must-see attractions when visiting Australia. The Great Barrier Reef Over 1,200...


The Magic of Sydney

Sydney, Australia is a contemporary and dynamic city. The city is blessed with striking harbor, natural splendor and a well planned infrastructure making it easy to get around using public transportation. Everything in Sydney...


Five Amazing Places for Snorkeling in Australia

Australia is world-renowned as an outdoor and adventure destination—and for good reason. The island-continent has been isolated from other major landmasses for so long that its flora and fauna have evolved in isolation, producing...


Explore the Hidden Secrets of New Zealand

New Zealand is my most favorite destination. The Rugby World Cup will be held the next fall in New Zealand, which adds more excitement to an already popular destination. Apart from other locations, Wellington...

Where to go with an Auckland airport car hire 1

Where to go with an Auckland airport car hire

Most people travelling to New Zealand come by way of Auckland. New Zealand’s largest city is a great place to experience, though you’ll also want to check out the rest of the country. So...

The Top Five Reasons Why New Zealand is Perfect for Your Gap Year 0

The Top Five Reasons Why New Zealand is Perfect for Your Gap Year

Are you planning a Gap Year working and travelling abroad? New Zealand is one of the friendliest countries in the world and it is perfect for young first time backpackers. Taking a gap year...

5 Best Wildlife Experiences in New Zealand 0

5 Best Wildlife Experiences in New Zealand

New Zealand Wildlife Experience Under-populated and boasting a diversity of landscapes, New Zealand is a mecca for nature lovers. The country’s isolated nature has resulted in a population of unique and interesting (and often...


Adelaide: The Surfer’s Paradise

Adelaide: The Surfer’s Paradise As a surfer, we are always looking for a more challenging wave, which is why a lot of surfers travel all over the world. If you want to experience something...

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