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Re-Discover Africa. A vast variety of culture, geography, weather, art, food, wild life etc can be only experience in Africa. Make sure you note all the best places to visit based on your interest. :)

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Attractions and Experiences in Durban

If you are planning your holiday to one of the hot spot destinations in South Africa, then it is surely Durban. It is a sophisticated cosmopolitan city which is a heady cultural mix of...

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Six Undiscovered African Gems

When you picture your holiday to Africa, what do you imagine? Is it the multicultural bustle of Cape Town or perhaps the Great Pyramids of Egypt? Perhaps taking safaris and discovering incredible animals in...

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Self-Drive Holidays in South Africa

Getting around South Africa is quite affordable if you follow a few inside tips One of the hottest, and cheapest, destinations on the planet is, undoubtedly, South Africa with its lure of both beach...

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Top 10 Things To Do In Africa

Africa is the cradle of humankind: That alone warrants a visit of deep exploration. But the continent is more than just the ancestral homeland of everyone on the planet. It’s a place of incredibly...

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Africa for Beginners

Travelling can often be problematic and tiring, but when you try all of this in a country – continent even – whose culture is so far removed from your own, the strain is multiplied....