The Magic of Sydney

Sydney, Australia is a contemporary and dynamic city. The city is blessed with striking harbor, natural splendor and a well planned infrastructure making it easy to get around using public transportation. Everything in Sydney is clean and perfectly laid out. The residents are friendly and welcoming. If you are considering a tour to Sydney, there are a number of places you simply must visit while there. The city has grown to a booming metropolis with numerous cultural icons and beautiful location to visit.

Sydney Opea House early Sunday morning, February 13, 2011.

Sydney Opera House

Each visitor needs to have their photo taken in front of Sydney Opera House. This place is beyond doubt the most instantly recognizable architecture across the globe and no trip to the city is complete without taking a visit. Whether you are planning to attend an occasion or not, you should at least get closer enough just to appreciate this wonderful piece of real estate. Not only is it a magnificent structure, but over time it has gained popularity as the world class performing art center.

Beaches in Sydney

Sydney is popular for its beach side suburbs, which encompasses Bondi, Manly, Coogee, Cronulla among others. During summer time, these beaches are crammed full of swimmer from the world over, who come to enjoy these stunning sandy beaches. Just like Los Angeles and Rio de Jeneiro, Sydney is in distinctive in that it is the main metropolis bounded by striking beaches, making it the perfect holiday spot. If you are heading to any of these beaches, make sure you carry your sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat as the UV rays are high.

Food in Sydney

In the multicultural Sydney, you will sample an array of cuisines including Indian, European, Asian as well as Middle Eastern dining. Fine dish venues in Sydney can be found overlooking the harbor, or along waterfront at the Darling Harbor. This list of tourist hangouts in Sydney is endless; nonetheless, if you want to experience the true Sydney cuisine, then find where the locals eat.

Sydney CBD

The mid city of Sydney is a blend of both old and new architecture, streets, and parks with a variety of distinctive characters represented. Take a walk around the city and see what you can find. Make sure you don’t miss The Rocks. This historic precinct is situated merely outside the main financial district, and provides a mix of colonial settlement as well as early Sydney architecture with the newest in Sydney culture.

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney aquarium is among the best anywhere. There many sea life than any aquarium in the planet. It has a number of submerged tanks where people are in the box inside a big pool of water. Sea lions, sharks and giant manta swim around you. Try and visit during feeding time. Although Manly Ocean world is small it, allows you to swim with sharks.

The city of Sydney offers so many activities to suit people of all ages. If you are considering a tour to Sydney, there are plenty of activities and endless list of beautiful things to see and do.

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