Must-See Attractions in Australia

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Australia is a diverse continent with rugged mountains, glorious beaches, and spectacular cities filled with culture and variety. The following are the top must-see attractions when visiting Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

Over 1,200 miles of magnificent coral gardens makes this not just one of the top attractions in Australia but in the world. These submerged gardens, full of marine life, are just below the surface of the water. With over 400 varieties of coral, and colorful creatures divers will be amazed at the diversity and beauty of the reef. This beautiful area can also be enjoyed overhead while taking a helicopter tour or by boat.

Kata Tjuta

Dozens of large domed rocks stretching out through low valleys and steep gorges form what is also known as the Olgas. The name was given because the tallest point of the 36 domes is Mount Olga. There are several paths and places to walk while exploring these beautiful rocks. Kata Tjuta is located in the southern section of the Northern Territory. These spectacular domes are worth a day trip to explore the breathtaking landscape.

Great Ocean Road

This stretch of road that weaves across the southern coast of Australia provides spectacular views and amazing places to stop and enjoy the scenery. Port National Park with its large formations can be enjoyed along the road. There are other great places to stop along the drive including Cape Otway Lighthouse, Teddy’s Lookout, and Bells Beach, home to surfers as well as kangaroos. Simply driving along the road with the hilly scenery on one side and the gorgeous ocean on the other side is exhilarating.

The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has all the sun soaked beaches and beautiful atmosphere of the Gold Coast but is less congested and more laid back. The Sunshine Coast is also home to the Australia Zoo and Underwater World. The beaches at Noosa and Mooloolaba are crystal clear and feature dolphins that visitors can see up close. Kayaking along the rivers or ocean, or taking a tour out to Fraser Island is a must for those on the adventurous side.

Kakadu National Park

A protected area in the Northern Territory, the entire park is almost half the size of Switzerland. See crocodiles and water buffalo roaming in their natural habitat. See the beautiful Jim Jim Falls or explore Aboriginal rock art. The park is a combination of wetlands, woodlands, and a wide variety of wildlife. There is so much to see and do that spending several days is necessary to thoroughly enjoy the park. It is also recommended to visit the park at different times of the year to enjoy the very different seasons.

The Sydney Opera House

One of the most recognizable buildings in the world, the famous Sydney Opera House was designed by John Utzon. Visitors can take a tour to see the backstage area as well as the front of the house. After taking in the grandeur of the tiled sails or watching a performance in the opera house visitors can relax and enjoy dinner at the Bennelong Restaurant.

Australia’s Ports

With stunning coastline and beautiful beaches, visitors should stop and enjoy one of Australia’s many ports. The Brisbane Port offers guided tours and an observation cafe that is open Monday through Friday. At the cafe visitors can dine while enjoying the view.

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