10 Unique Things To Do In India

Matching India’s rhythms to your heart and its colours to your mind is the key to enjoying a travel experience that is unique and only yours. Chadar Trek

Adventure, serenity and everything between; that’s how we truly define the real India. Above all, the friendly and welcoming people of India rightly gratify the inner spirits and magnetize you to travel across the country often. Some of the less popular and unique things to do in India have been mentioned below-

1. Chadar Trek: Known as a marvelous trek, trekking over this frozen river where ice not only builds up but also breaks down and changes its colour within every few hours; is a thrilling experience.

2. Magnetic Hill in Ladakh: This Hill in Ladakh is known to have magnetic properties which no other hill in the world has been ever known for.

3. Yak Safari in Ladakh: Amidst the breathtaking views of the high peaks of this rugged land, the Yak Safari brings tourists a unique and lifetime experience. You might need a prior booking for doing this. Remember to respect the humble attitude of this majestic animal otherwise, it could make the rider dance with its sharp horns.

4. Participate in Kumbh Mela: On the coinciding point of rivers Ganges, Yamuna and legendary Sarasvati is celebrated the famous Kumbh Mela. It is a Hindu pilgrimage and is known to be the biggest spiritual gathering in the world.

5. Vintage Car Rally in Jaipur: There are a number of aristocratic families that have still kept their vintage cars in garages and are maintaining them pretty well. Seeing them running with peak conditions is an amazing experience during a trip to Rajasthan.

snorkeing with elephant6. Visit Karni Mata Temple: It is the only temple in the world where humans live in harmony with the rats. This temple of Rajasthan is a unique place to visit.

7. Offroading in Kutch: This Offroading takes place for 7 days and there are nearly hundreds of bikers who ride along the majestic Kutch and cover several different areas of the region. For adventure lovers, it is a must to watch the activity.

8. Snorkelling with elephants: In addition to exclusive diving experience, it is snorkelling with elephants for what the Andaman and Nicobar Island in India is known for. Plunging along the 59 years old elephant in water and snorkelling with him deep into the waves along the beach is a wonderful experience.

9. Mumbai Local Train journey: The Mumbai local takes passengers through different areas of Mumbai; and gives them a glance of diverse lifestyles and cultures. Travelling with daily passengers and experiencing the hustle bustle they go through every day is unique to learn.

10. Snake Boat Race in Kerala:A boat race is commonly seen but the Snake Boat race in Kerala amidst the lush greens in the Punnamada Lake is different. It is carried on a large scale every year in August. Hundreds of people plan a tour to Kerala to participate and make this event a grand hit.

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