Skiing in Canada: 5 Reasons to choose Banff

Skiing Canada: 5 reasons why Banff should be top of your list

banff canada trailAnyone who has ever been or looked into skiing in Canada knows that you are spoilt for choice. Its naturally cold climate and mountainous terrain means that skiing can almost take place anywhere. If you’re a first timer travelling to Canada then the choice can be a bit daunting. Do you choose Jasper, Whistler, Fernie or Banff. You could spend days going through each resort with a fine tooth comb. I myself must have spent a good couple of days going over all the resorts on Crystal Ski’s website. Unfortunately this was time wasted as there was only really one choice! Banff!
Look below and you’ll see 5 reasons why:

1. Location, Location, Location.

Banff is a great central base for the Big 3. With both Lake Louise and Sunshine Village only being a short distance away you’re spoilt for choice. Something that the other resorts don’t necessarily offer so if you live by the motto variety is the spice of life then this is the place for you. My top tip: Buy the tri area ski lift ticket. Giving you access to all three for a reasonable price. I mean look

2. The Hot springs.

Everyone knows that after a day or two bombing down those slopes your muscles start to hurt. The problem with this is that spas can often be expensive and hotel hot tubs can be small and overcrowded. Luckily there is local public hot springs on offer. With really affordable prices it makes sense to utilise them. In fact in many cases it has become one of the reasons why people keep returning.

3. Other Activities.

Sometimes you’ll want to spend the afternoon doing something different. It’s a perfect reasonable thought after all there is always a risk of having too much of a good thing. So why not hire a snowmobile or my personal favourite take a sled dog tour. Still want more then you can head over to Lake Louise where they often have ice sculpture competitions like the one below.

4. Overcrowding, not here.

One problem when looking at any ski resort is that sometimes the runs can get a bit busy. If you are a bit anti slope social like myself then thankfully with the choice of the Big 3 you needn’t worry.

5. The Nightlife.

Although most the experts will argue that Whistler can’t be topped, I will have to disagree. Yes it is a lively resort but by 3 pm you’ll be jostling to get to a bar. At least in Banff there is the opportunity to rest you hard worn feet while enjoying a few jars and if you find your second wind there enough of an atmosphere to indulge.
You can’t go too wrong with any resort in Canada but if I had to hang my hat on the best I would choose Banff. I think it caters to all. Whether you’re looking for back country experiences, fine dining or something suited for families. It really does spoil you for choice.

About Author: I am keen traveller who has fallen in love with the great white north. With previous experience of backpacking I now prefer to be on two pieces of wood on a mountain. Follow me @martinnolan7

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