Best Cars For A Road Trip

If you’re about to embark upon a road trip, whether it be a drive through three states for your high school reunion or a visit to your mother’s winter home six hours away, you need to think about what kind of car you’ll be driving. The type of car you drive can have a major impact on how comfortable and pleasant your trip is. To help you select an appropriate vehicle that is both spacious and stylish, here are five of the best cars for a road trip.

Honda Element – The best thing about the Honda Element is the fact that it seems to almost have been designed with road trips in mind. The back seat is incredibly spacious so the passengers will have enough leg room, the interior is hardy and able to withstand assaults from children, and you can fold the backseats down to create a bed. It’s also got an excellent EPA fuel economy rating that can go as high as 26 mpg.

Maybach 62 – If you’re looking for the little touches that make a car special, check out the Maybach 62. This car comes equipped with a drink cooler and a matching set of glasses. To make sure you don’t spill your drink, the car also comes equipped with magnetic cup holders to keep the glasses in place. Throw in the 600-watt Bose stereo, privacy curtains and superb climate control and you have the makings of a road trip party.

Ford Explorer – Although on the larger side, the Ford Explorer drives like a sedan. This car is perfect for people who are bringing a lot of stuff with them – there’s plenty of storage space in the cargo area as well as the option to fold down the third row seats and make more space. This car can carry up to 7,000 pounds, which should be more than enough for the average road trippers.

Chevrolet Malibu Maxx – The Chevrolet Malibu Maxx is perfect for a road trip due to its longer wheelbase and extra leg room in back due to sliding rear seats. Passengers can get a great view of the scenery through the glass roof panels that come standard with this car. If that weren’t enough, the Maxx is available with a DVD player as well. The Maxx is compatible with other road trip friendly additions such as XM Radio and OnStar.

Volkswagen Touareg – Even though Volkswagen isn’t known for luxury, the Touareg defies that label with a luxurious interior. If you get the V6 version, you’ll find that this car has a great gas mileage which will save you money at the pump. The thing that makes this car especially road trip friendly is its off road ability – an ability not shared by many comparable cars in this class.

This guest post was provided by Ryan Embly. He writes for the website CRX, a provider of affordable car rentals in Orlando and Miami.

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